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Fetal Doppler

Product Image (BF-600+)

BF-600+Fetal Doppler

Price: 143-181 USD ($)/Piece

Doppler Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) Detector With 2Mhz Probe and LED Display

Product Image (02)

Fetal Doppler BF-500++

Price: 65-85 USD ($)/Piece

Pocket Fetal Doppler Mainly Applies to Detect the Fetal Heartbeat Rate from the Twelfth Week

Product Image (01)

BF 500D+Fetal Doppler

Price: 69-75 USD ($)/Piece

Pocket Fetal Doppler mainly applies to detect the fetal heartbeat rate from the twelfth week.

Product Image (BF-610M )

Fetal Doppler BF-610M

Price: 560-655 USD ($)/Piece

ultrasound fetal maternal monitor with thermal printer

Product Image (BF - 530)

Fetal Doppler BF-530

Price: 160 - 185 USD ($)/Piece

Pocket Fetal Doppler

Product Image (BF-560)

BF-560 Fetal Doppler

Price: 78-226 USD ($)/Piece

BF-560 Fetal Doppler Providing with 8Mhz Probe can be used as vascular doppler

Product Image (03)

Fetal Doppler BF-500D+ TFT Fetal Doppler

Price: 69-75 USD ($)/Piece

Double interface ultrasound fetal doppler detect prenatal heart rate fetal heart monitor doppler Fetal 2Mhz color LCD BF-500D+TFT